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"How sad to think that nature speaks, and mankind doesn’t listen."

Victor Hugo

We live in a time where we face a host of crucial and urgent challenges for the survival of the world.

Undoubtedly, the environmental and ecological devastation to which the planet is being subjected is one of the greatest problems of the 21st Century, an issue that jumps to the forefront of the news and the public debate on a daily basis. Articles, reports, and research all support essential news to inform the general public.

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© Kris-Mikael Krister

Citizens have upped their environmental awareness and are increasingly demanding tightened control and ambitious legislation from their political leaders.

As expert communicators in environmental policies, PRESS & PR ENVIRONMENT has long been leveraging its professionalism to best serve a range of projects for planet protection and social commitment.

Our work contributes to an ongoing upward spiral of informed citizens worldwide concerning environmental crisis issues, including their human and social consequences and the solutions set forth by scientists and international experts.

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"Our specialised expertise and extensive network of international contacts are always at the service of our clients."

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“If I had to define the work of Patricia and Valérie, a.k.a., PRESS & PR ENVIRONMENT, reliability, rigor, and professionalism immediately come to mind. They understand the needs of environmental journalists and specialized media and, moreover, they respond honestly, quickly and efficiently to our demands. Amongst the current “ocean” of environmental communication offerings, their work and knowledge is a guarantee of success for those of us involved in disclosing the importance of socio-environmental issues to the public.”


Environmental Journalist
Director of Environment and Science at@EFEnoticias and EFEverde
Global Environmental Journalism Platform
Agencia EFE

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