International communication

Environmental commitment


We communicate daily with European and international media as well as news agencies.

We specialise in Environment, Science, Society, Politics, Economy, Health, International Relations, and Human Rights.

Our extensive network of contacts —journalists, correspondents, editors, podcasters, audiovisual producers, influencers— reach a wide audience in key countries on environmental issues, mainly in Europe and occasionally in Canada, Africa, Latin America, USA, and Asia.


We have been delivering crafted environmental news to the most relevant media for over 10 years.

Today, we boast a generous network of contacts, both in Europe and around the globe. We meticulously select the most appropriate media for each topic and depending on news outlets subject treatment and political perspective, namely economic, social, scientific, and environmental.


We aim to give every single one of our clients their ideal space whilst achieving maximum visibility and media impact.

We track quantitative and qualitative campaign results in traditional and online press, audiovisual media and social media channels.

Let’s Talk


The best conversations are always in person.

Call or email us. Tell us about your project and your goals. Together, we will work out the best strategy for success and draw up an actionable roadmap.

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