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Environmental commitment


A Communication & PR Agency is always a strategic partner for any organisation.

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As experts in socio-environmental communication, we put forth strategies in line with the needs of each project or campaign. We design detailed communication plans based on the positioning, objectives, and resources of each client. Research, as well as our experience and advice, informs these personalized proposals.

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Press office

We define appropriate editorial positioning and identify the most suitable press contacts for each strategy. We maintain a close, ongoing, and proactive relationship with the media. We elaborate, translate, copywrite, design, and deliver press releases, as well as Op-eds and invitations to conferences. We get specialized articles and reports published. We manage interviews with expert spokespersons, whether scientific, economic, political, environmental, etc. We advise on graphic material and image positioning. Each press release we send, includes a follow-up with its corresponding publication report and press coverage analysis.

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In parallel with the press communication strategy, we create content for social networking, engagement and loyalty organically. We also design campaigns with celebrities and national and international e-influencers.

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Media planning - Advertising

We offer advertising investment planning for any campaign requiring short-term result coverage or support for the press office: audiovisual, offline, online, and social network media. Depending on your budget, we negotiate a tailored coverage, as well as the creation of branded content. In addition, we monitor and analyze investment impact in agreed publications.

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We enable client spokespersons, with the help of experts in spokesperson training (print and broadcast journalists), for success in public speeches, relations with the media, interview capitalization, confident self-expression, key message communication, being understood and understanding the media, managing timing and narrative, and knowing the structures that facilitate articulating great speeches. Trainings are online or in-person, one to two days, 50% theory-50% practical, and accommodate specific needs for individuals or groups. Finally, trainings are offered in French, English or Spanish.

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We devise, plan, and organize all kinds of events according to client needs: exclusive events, webinars, conferences, press conferences, online-offline initiatives, etc. We are a one-stop communication and PR service agency. That is, we take care of everything, from creativity and production to invitations, attendance and media impact oversight.

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The best conversations are always in person.

Call or email us. Tell us about your project and your goals. Together, we will work out the best strategy for success and draw up an actionable roadmap.

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