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Cosmopolitan, French, daughter to a sailor, Valérie’s childhood was spent close to the sea. The Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Pacific were as much home as France, Senegal and Polynesia. It stands to reason that she is now professionally devoted to the protection of the ocean and the environment. Based in Spain for over three decades, she presently divides her time between her adopted country, France and Portugal.

Proven experience in different areas of communication —in-house PR departments, communication agencies and media relations— has given shape to her global and client-specific strategic vision.

Creating my own project was born out of a desire to do things differently and follow my personal principles. I advocate for a communication in line with the reigning zeitgeist... that is, no artifice, sincere, direct, based on transparency and the quality of the content.

Valérie de Baecque

Valérie boasts a 25+ years career in international communications.

In her early years, she specialised in the lifestyle sector, working as Press Officer in multinationals (LVMH) and International Account Director in leading agencies (Ketchum Omnicom). The skills she garnered at leading luxury and marketing firms allowed her to acquire the necessary methodology, analytical precision, meticulous attention to image and detail, and foremostly, an extremely creative approach to her work.

In 2008, she established her own communication agency, PRESS & PR CONSULTANT. Valérie was firmly intent on genuine and authentic communication, betting on young talent and developing niche projects for smaller companies and start-ups with sustainable and innovative brands.

In 2017, professional and personal reasons led her to team up with Patricia Roy, a momentous move which started with her providing support for social and environmental message crafting. Exciting business opportunities and a promising selection of new environmental clients eventually led both partners to set up PRESS & PR ENVIRONMENT in 2020.

Valérie de Baecque - Press & Pr Consultant

Patricia Roy

She launched her career in the administration and management of local cultural policies. Shortly after, Patricia specialised in cultural communication in Paris (Cabinet of the Ministry of Culture) and London, where she specifically developed her fundraising skills at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA).

Her 13 years of experience in France, the United Kingdom, and Spain allowed her to develop her communication, public relations, fundraising, training and event coordination know-how in a European environment, until her interest in geopolitical and environmental matters pushed her to make a career change.

Patricia Roy - Press & Pr Consultant

I believe my work and efforts are best suited to safeguarding what gives us life, namely our ocean and our planet. It is the greatest emergency we face. If not for ourselves, let’s do it for future generations.

Since 2011, her work is mainly devoted to raising the visibility to NGOs that actively protect the oceans and the environment, and promote social justice.

A multifaceted resume has enabled Patricia to actively advance the dissemination and popularisation of scientific information, whilst supporting international campaigns against the major crises threatening our seas and our planet. Such initiatives include Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Antarctica, the achievement of the UN High Seas Treaty, the protection of the deep sea, and the fight against deep sea mining and illegal fishing.

This extensive experience has led her to design, evaluate, implement, and achieve maximum impact for communication strategies on a European and international level.

Our collaborators

We rely on an expert team of collaborators who adapt to the specificities of our projects and fully meet client expectations.

At PRESS & PR ENVIRONMENT, we firmly believe that multiculturalism is a strength.

Luis Orueta - Press & Pr Consultant

Luis Orueta

Copywriter and translator


Elodie Bernollin - Press & Pr Consultant

Élodie Bernollin

Strategy Consultant


Miguel Toledano - Press & Pr Consultant

Miguel Toledo



Belen Cosmea

Belén Cosmea



Rosa González



Meike Schutz- Press & Pr Consultant

Meike Schutz

Strategy Consultant


Susanne Kramer - Press & Pr Consultant

Susanne Kramer



Francisco Sà da Bandeira

Portugal Correspondent


Marie Victoire - Press & Pr Consultant

Marie Victoire Nivet

Social Media Specialist


Sonia Sousa

Sónia Sousa Ell

Ocean Expert


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